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Self Defence Awareness Courses

Offered to individuals, groups and businesses.

Self defence awareness promotes understanding of situations and acceptable behaviour.  Front line staff in hospitals, doctors, councils, factories and offices can benefit - giving confidence of fast reactions in the event of a hostile encounter.  Using a mixture of scenarios, demonstrations, information booklet and hands on    
                                                                                    experiences, we have courses                                                                                     to work with your specific

If you are an individual or small group, we can provide small group training especially for you.

Social Prescribing

Maholochi Wellbeing CIC welcome referrals to support clients with activities that promote positing physical and mental health.  Situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty, we can provide a range of activities and knowlege that enable individuals to look at natural health self care and exercise.
Survival Skills

One or two day courses available by prior booking only.  Learn the four elements of survival, plant and tree identification, fire starting, wood carving and many other experiences.
Courses for primary schools:

Self awareness and focus on the effects of bullying and potential negative mental health issues are vital.

Maholochi offer experiential and educational bespoke sessions to schools wishing to improve awareness of bullying to their pupils.  Our experience has shown that Years 4, 5 and 6 are a crucial age and many children suffer from bullying without being aware of what it is and what to do.  Maholochi Wellbeing believe that early awarness teaching and awareness can produce cohesive support between pupils and staff. 

We help schools and pupils to Say No to Bullying.

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