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Maholochi Bushcraft & Survival in Cornwall

Maholochi Bushcraft & Survival Courses in Cornwall
Maholochi Bushcraft & Survival in Cornwall courses are especially designed for a variety of clients and their very differing requirements.

Having successfully run courses in France and Spain (even being included in the Sunday Times Top 10 survival courses in 2014), we will be running new sessions in 2017 in the South West.

We offer both bushcraft and survival sessions - there really is a difference!  Survival skills are essential for surviving.  Bushcraft focuses more on the art of creating items through traditional skills.  Putting survival and bushcraft into context, bushcraft enables us to create twine and fibre from natural sources (nettle, bramble, willow etc), (and a whole lot more) which is fantastic and I personally love it, yet in a survival situation, knowing the quick and simple way to save yourself is crucial.  We provide sessions in either or can combine togeteher - it's very dependent on what our clients prefer.

We believe that learning aspects of survival and self defence positively impacts wellbeing and confidence and, with that in mind, are proud to offer the courses below.

Survival skills for travelling - perfect for gap year/summer trips and/or for anyone wishing to learn aspects of self defence, basic first aid, shelter building, kidnap situation and fire making.

Maholochi Bushcraft & Survival in Cornwall give our clients the opportunity to learn and practice the skills and techniques needed to survive without the comfort and convenience of our everyday lives. In our ever changing world that is so accessible to many, there are often life changing occurrences (earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, civil unrest etc) happening unexpectedly. If you were caught up in an emergency situation - with no electricity or phone access - could you cope? Could you make a shelter, start a fire, defend yourself or escape from a kidnap situation? Or know how to find and make basic foods when there seems to be nothing available? Our one day survival course for travellers may enable you to survive when faced with an emergency situation. We will be taking bookings for up to ten people per course, so if you would like information please comment or message through the contact tab at the top of the page.

Maximum ten people per group.  Time: 10-4.  Date: various  Cost £60 per person, to include refreshments.  Suggested kit will be sent to all attendees prior to course commencement.

Young Survivors - One day course.

Information will be uploaded shortly.