Keeping Life Simple

 What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership. I work with you, to help you gain clarity, to define your goals and priorities. I listen and point out the obstacles you have mentioned (often without realising it), especially the ones that everyone else can see, but somehow you can’t.

I will show you how you often “get in your own way”, making it easier for you to move forward. Many types of personal development can involve coaching, so the term 'coaching' can be found virtually anywhere that people are trained, developed and/or helped towards improving performance, and achieving success and fulfilment.

For me:

Personal coaching involes working with individuals that need to see fast and positive change - whether its something holding you back; some changes you need to make but need some confidence; anxiety and/or stress; weight and wellness issues or something that means a transitional period (divorce, bereavement, redundancy, for example).

Relationship coaching involves working with couples to identify where problems are occuring and how I can support you both to make things positive again.  These sessions involve both partners meeting with me together - and sometimes individually.

Parent/family coaching involves stepping in as an indepedent listening ear and helping all members of the family to understand whats happening from each others perspective.  Fast, efficient and successful.

Coaching has helped my clients to find their own solutions, rather than me prescribing a solution from my viewpoint and generally looks forward sigificantly more than it analyses the past.

So, if you would like to:

  • Stop getting in your own way
  • Master your impulses
  • Regain your focus
  • Commit to achieving your goals
  • Improve your personal relationships
  • Grow your business faster and more profitably
  • Feel happier and more in control
  • Become a more effective communicator

Then get in touch... we will work together to improve your current situation step by step.

Email: [email protected] or use the contact form.  Speak soon.