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Therapy in Cornwall

I provide a range of therapeutic services which are listed below.  I am an experienced and qualified Practitioner with many years experience.
Coaching and NLP - life coach, relationship coach, family coach: ideal if you are stuck in a pattern and need the opportunity for someone to listen and help you understand how you can make positive changes.

Counselling - using elements from a range of client centred focused solutions, I encourage my clients to talk about issues directly affecting them now.  Whilst traditional counselling focuses on the past and is valuable to many people, I believe that changing the way we react to thoughts and situations can make huge improvements in mental health, usually within three to four sessions.  I will not be asking you to look backwards (unless you want to), but encouraging solutions to issues in a series of steps.

Cult Survivor / High Control Religion Therapy: Particularly suitable for people leaving a high control cult or religion.  Many years of experience working with clients and helping them to alter their ingrained perceptions, enabling a more open and relaxed mind, accepting past situtations were wrong and enabling clients to more forwards.  Religion causes trauma when it is highly controlling and prevents people from thinking for themselves and trusting their own feelings. Groups that demand obedience and conformity produce fear, not love and growth. With constant judgment of self and others, people become alienated from themselves, each other, and the world.

Weight and wellness -  experienced and qualified in running healthy weight loss programs, I work on a one to one basis with clients to understand why weight is an issue in their lives; its not always as simple as eating too much and/or exercising too little.
Listening Process I choose to use.

Active Listening Therapy

Active Listening Therapy is a type of therapeutic support I specialise in which involves non judgmental confidential sessions, usually between one and four appointments.  The client may be experiencing either one or many issues and needs someone to listen and understand.  

Drawing on elements of neuro linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling, I aim to identify the main points surrounding an issue,  using a unique closed question technique which enables the client to draw positive realisation of how to move forwards after Active Listening Therapy.

Anxiety, depression and stress - therapy available in the Truro area

Anxiety, depression and stress

Stress and anxiety are your body’s natural response to frightening situations. They are both perfectly normal survival instincts, designed to protect you from danger. However, when you have a heightened or prolonged response to a stressful situation, stress and anxiety can manifest in your thoughts, feelings and in physical symptoms.

While everyone experiences stress and anxiety, the factors influencing them vary from person to person.  For some, the thought of an exam or job interview may bring on feelings of worry or nervousness, for others having a baby or simply losing house keys might trigger apprehension and fear. Stress and anxiety can also be caused by more irrational thoughts and feelings, for example encountering a spider.

Depending on which research you read, a person’s predisposition to stress and anxiety can be both inherited and learnt. It may also develop from a trauma that has not been properly processed in our minds.

Whatever the cause, the feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control can lead to symptoms – and counselling for stress and anxiety could help alleviate these.

There are a number of recognised stress and anxiety disorders, which can be diagnosed by your GP, including Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Panic Disorder. Yet many of us suffer from the symptoms of stress and anxiety on a daily basis without a medical diagnosis.

Panic attacks are one of the most common ways that stress and anxiety can become obvious. However, there are a whole host of other symptoms including restlessness, irritability, confusion, difficulty concentrating, frustration, despair and a constant fear that something terrible is going to happen. These feelings can lead to physical symptoms such as trembling, sweating, dizziness, nausea, headaches, insomnia and problems with your digestive system.

Stress and anxiety counselling can help you to deal with resulting feelings of tension or depression and give you ways to cope when you have these feelings in the future.

When do stress and anxiety become a problem?

As long as you have a coping strategy for periods of stress and anxiety, and can switch off when you need to, they can have a positive influence on your life. Stress and anxiety motivate us to be the best that we can be and help us to maintain focus. But when you no longer feel that you are coping and that stress and anxiety are reoccurring and overwhelming you, it is time to recognise that you have a problem.

We all tell ourselves that things will get better and that we are coping but stress and anxiety have a nasty way of creeping into everyday life and settling down without you realising. Left unchecked, stress and anxiety lead to bigger problems such as mental health issues, alcohol or substance abuse, social anxiety, a decreased desire for intimacy and poor health.

Have you been sleeping poorly lately? Has your appetite changed? Are you losing your temper with your family, friends or colleagues? Have you stopped enjoying life?  These are all indications that stress and anxiety have taken over and that you might find the support of a stress and anxiety therapist helpful. Stress and anxiety do not need to have a detrimental impact on your everyday life.

How can you manage stress and anxiety?

In our modern society there is often a feeling of having to ‘deal’ with stress and anxiety. Because of this, many people suffer in silence.

Often you can help to lessen your symptoms with a combination of relaxation, exercise, change in diet and breaking the habits that trigger your stress and anxiety. Little changes such as taking that dance class that you always fancied or spending more time with your friends can help. Or you could try stress and anxiety therapy to gain a new perspective. It is also important to learn to stay in the present instead of worrying about things that have happened in the past or may happen in the future.

If you are struggling to find the right combination of things to help you manage your symptoms alone, there are a range of therapies available which can help to alleviate the reoccurrence of stress and the overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Mindfulness (MBSR) are all therapies that can help you to face your issues, rebuild your self-esteem and get life back to normal. Anxiety and depression can prevent you from moving forward in your life and my aim is to enable clients to focus on the positive elements of their lives.

Through stress and anxiety therapy you can learn to identify and address the root causes of your feelings and develop techniques that will allow you to self soothe when you encounter them in the future. Your therapist will work with you to build a treatment plan and consider lifestyle changes so that you no longer have to suffer in silence.

Weight and Wellness Therapist in Cornwall

As a qualified, insured and certified Practitioner, I welcome clients who need to be enthused and encouraged about their own health and well-being. Rather than just focusing on helping individuals overcome ‘problems’ such as ill-health, stress, fears, fatigue, weight gain or unhappiness, I work on  a solution focused approach, one that identifies with clarity what clients would prefer to experience in their life; then working with clients to help bring positive changes. Underpinning this approach is the emphasis on inner work – self-reflection, presence, self-acceptance, expansion of self-awareness and consciously using the inner resources of imagination, attention and intention.

It is a positive approach to helping clients, coupled with a dynamic and innovative approach, which embraces holistic therapy to lead client’s potential for a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.  I focus on listening to the client and exploring reasons why changes that are needed just haven’t been working, gently talking and offering positive forces of change that focus on awareness, clarity, balance and vitality.

If you need someone to talk to, providing active listening and workiing with you to make some changes, message me and we can organise an appointment.