Keeping Life Simple

About Maholochi, Cornwall

Based in the heart of Cornwall, Maholochi was formed by me to suppot clients to keep their lives simpler.  We live in an age where all of us are bombarded with busyness and constant things to do - whatever age we are. 

I work mostly (but not exclusively) with women who want to make changes, have a lack of motivation or have private issues they wish to discuss from their lives.  Talking therapy is a great healer and my role is to let you talk about whatever you need support with

Ecotherapy has always been part of my life and this has directed me into leading bushcraft courses, enjoying the connection with nature, whilst learning traditional skills that are being lost in this modern day.

I have worked with individuals with a variety of mental health symptoms for many years and I am proud to have supported so many to make positive change and move forwards. Mental health awareness and surrounding issues are raising at such an increased rate that it is difficult for many people to seek out the type of therapy they require.  Searching for help is a positive first step to wellness and I have a wide range of clients with differing needs.

More recently, I have started offering Maholochi Wellbeing for Primary Schools; from personal experience, I understand that bullying is rising in primary schools - particularly in Years 4, 5 and 6.  Children of this age are often unaware of what bullying actually is and, in my opinion, believe that every child should have an understanding of what bullying is and how to stand up and stamp it out.  Recent studies have found that mental health issues in children at secondary school are on the rise and my personal aim is to provide educationally appropriate learning to make children resilliant and understanding.

Safeguarding and confidentiality is practiced in all of our work.  This protects both us and you, we will not disclose any or your information unless it involves a safeguarding issue that I am concerned about on your behalf.

I am not a medical doctor, anything I suggest is based on my experience and constant research, backed up by qualifications in a range of subjects.  Before embarking on any of our programmes it is important to consult your doctor to rule out any health issues.