Keeping Life Simple

Maholochi - promoting positive health and wellness.

It really is possible to change your life.

Are you stuck?  Got things on your mind that you need to talk about and not sure where to turn? I work with women (not exclusively), letting them have the space to discuss aspects of their life that are troubling them in a safe and supportive environment.

Our busy lives are bombarded with pressure and opinions, we are literally bogged down with trying to juggle our lives and rarely have time for self care and compassion.  I have clients who are full time Mums, full time working Mums, single women, married women, women whose children have now grown up, women entering peri/menopausal period of life, relationship issues and many other variations.  If you've struggled with things that have happened in the past, with anxiety, with weight gain, with being stuck in a rut or with relationship issues, I am here to help.

Using a background of neuro linguistic practice, cbt and person centrered approaches, I am here to help you to understand what is sabotaging your goals.  We all sabotage (well most of us) and often can't understand why or how we are doing it.  Let me help find your motivators, your dreams and hopes and support you to move forwards.

Maholochi is for you.  My way of working puts your wellness at the central point of all we do.  Sessions last about 45 minutes and are available in the Truro and Falmouth areas as well as a monthly week in Bath and Bristol.

My clients come a range of backgrounds; some have anxiety problems that traditional routes haven't helped; others are 'stuck' in their lives and want to move forwards but can't see which direction to help, many new clients have been recommended by past clients, with more women needing support around the peri/menopause, looking at ways to remain healthy and cope with the social pressure surrounding the 'phenomenon' - I am a keen researcher in this area and aim to support women with natural strategies to improve life.  I work with people exiting high control religions, those with past trauma that they are struggling to leave in the past (where it belongs); and people with eating issues.

One to one personal coaching - in just a few sessions, you will feel happier, more relaxed and freer, ready to move forwards with inner confidence.

We are all truly unique, we all have our own triggers and perceptions, which is why I treat every client differently. 

With years of experience in person centred support, I provide a safe, discreet and confidential service that makes changes - fast.  Together we will work through your problems and get you moving to a brighter and more positive future.  Its time to let go of the past and feel in control of your life - we have one life and we are the only ones responsible for creating one that is fulfilled and happy.

I suggest booking a set of four sessions, once a week or once a month - I work on fast change so you can see and feel the differences in a short time.

Please have a look around this website, the top menu has a range of drop down menus for your perusal, if you need any additional help or wish to ask a question, please email:  [email protected]