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Maholochi, Cornwall     -  Ecotherapy

Maholochi - promoting positive health and wellness, naturally.

Maholochi offers a range of services designed to promote positivity, confidence, acceptance and a purposeful future, including: Maholochi Trees, Maholochi Bushcraft & Survival in Cornwall; Maholochi Crafts; Maholochi Wellbeing - Weight and Wellness in Cornwall.     If you wish to email directly, please mail to: or, or take a look at all things Maholochi on Facebook. 

Maholochi promote positive change and wellbeing for all.  Based in Cornwall.  Ecotherapy in Cornwall.

Tree Surgery and Landscaping:

10% OFF total value of all work booked and carried out in January 2018.

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Maholochi in Cornwall - promoting wellness naturally

Newsflash:  Part of positive mental health comes from confidence in oneself and our unique abilities.  We are therefore delighted to be offering one day courses encompassing elements of self defence, shelter building, fire making, basic first aid and escape mechanisms in the event of an emergency situtation.  This course is designed for knowledge for young people going on a gap year or similar and could prove life saving when faced with natural or manmade disasters across the globe.

If you are interested in buying this one day course for a birthday / Christmas gift or similar, please contact us to organise.  Maximum ten people per course.  Dates to be confirmed, however if you have a small group of people wishing to attend - let us know and we will organise a day especially for you.  No prior knowledge is required for this course.

Maholochi provides a range of services:

Maholochi Trees - a comprehensive tree surgery and landscaping service throughout Cornwall.

Primary Schools: Maholochi Wellbeing for Primary Schools focuses on sessions within schools to raise the awareness of bullying - this is particularly relevant in Years 4, 5 & 6, our interactive sessions enable children to identify physical, emotional and mental bullying - giving an understanding of covert and overt behaviours that potentially cause mental health issues

Maholochi Bushcraft and Survival - delivered within Cornwall at a central location, suitable for adults or groups and businesses looking to immerse themselves in the natural world and learn new skills.

Maholochi Wellbeing - coaching for those who need a bit of support to get themselves healthier.  Small group mixed martial art sessions.

Maholochi Crafts - natural and traditional crafts for sale and for learning in small groups.

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